We greatly appreciate all the calls and cheese orders and we will endeavour to fill all the requests within a week. To purchase our cheese, please click HERE.

Dear Cheesemaker,

Glengarry Cheesemaking Inc. is located in Ontario, Canada, twenty miles north of the New York state border. Started with a dedication towards hobbyist and on-farm cheesemakers, our experience and knowledge now includes cheese factories. Our main goal is to provide information and products that will serve the art of cheesemaking following the traditional path but using modern knowledge and technologies, as we apply them in our cheesemaking facility.

Our product lines include coagulants (natural & synthetic), lactic starters, aroma cultures and specialty ripening cultures from Abiasa Bio-Ingredients, Sacco Clerici and Danisco. We also carry cheesemaking herbs and spices, various colours of latex cheese coating and Dutch brand Paramelt cheese wax.

We import cheese moulds for soft and hard cheese from France and Italy, and Kadova brand cheese moulds from Holland. We take custom orders for soft cheese multi-moulds as well as for specialized soft cheesemaking equipment from France. We also offer new and used cheesemaking vats, batch pasteurizers, cheese presses, drain tables, curd mills and cream separators. Some equipment is not listed in the present catalogue, so please feel free to contact us and visit our website. Our team will be glad to answer your questions.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to earn your business.

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